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Established in 1797, Puddicombe Estate has been a fruit farm for over 200 years. The knowledge and experience passed down from generation to generation, helped the Puddicombe family venture into the cider industry in 2010. Since then, Puddicombe Cider Co. has cemented itself as one of the leaders in Ontario Craft Cider.

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Our Heritage

Uncertainty, distress, doubt, and fear were all prominent in the minds of British colonists living in Lower Canada in the late 1700's. With hostility building between British and American forces, all but one thought the colony was lost if America invaded.

Through vision and fortitude, Isaac Brock was placed in charge of the British Forces in Canada. He and his British soldiers, Militia and allied First Nations set siege on Fort Detroit. Brilliant tactical maneuvers made for a quick easy victory – earning him his knighthood and title of "The hero of Upper Canada".

Two days after his heroic death, a baby born to John and Ann Henry of Beamsville, Ontario was named in his honour, Isaac Brock Henry – the great-great-great grand-father of Puddicombe Cider Founder, Brock M.A. Puddicombe.



Visit the countryside and embrace all that Mother Nature has provided with an opportunity to pick-your-own Ontario produce and experience products made from the farm’s harvest or other local producers within 100 miles of the farm.

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Brock Puddicombe

~ President ~

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Lindsay Puddicombe

~ Cider Maker ~

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Griffin Data

~ Lead Production Technician ~

Clint Schwenker Puddicombe Cider.png

Rick Burdett

~ Lead Cellar Technician ~

Puddicombe Elizabeth Mcmahon.png

Elizabeth McMahon

~ Cellar Technician ~

Puddicombe Bruce.png


~ Assistant Cellar Technician ~

Dwight Maddox Puddicombe.png

Dwight Maddox

~ Packaging Technician ~

Puddicombe Ruppert Swaby.png

Ruppert Swaby

~ Packaging Technician ~

Ken Anderson Puddicombe Cider.png

KEN “EDDIE” Anderson

~ Packaging Technician ~


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